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Article: Leak Reveals Pre-Order and Release Dates for Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 Lineup

Leak Reveals Pre-Order and Release Dates for Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 Lineup

New Samsung Galaxy S24 Coming Out in January 

Samsung is planning to show off its new Galaxy S24 phones earlier than usual next year. They're going to have a special event in San Jose, California, on January 17, 2024. The next day, people can start ordering them, and those orders will start to arrive from January 26 to January 30. Everyone else can buy the phones from January 30.


How Much Will It Cost?

Prices for the new Galaxy S24 might be the same as the last models. This means the starting price could be about $900, and the fancier versions might be $1,000 and $1,200.


What's New with the Galaxy S24?

Samsung is making a big deal about the phone's new AI features, like being able to change languages during a call. They might also change the name of their Bixby service to Galaxy AI.


Why San Jose? 

Samsung chose San Jose for their big reveal because they're working closely with Google and they want to compete with Apple. They're releasing the new phone earlier to help their sales at the start of the year.


Other Cool Features

The Galaxy S24 will have the latest Android 14 and One UI 6. Samsung is also working with Instagram to make it easy to use the Instagram camera right from the phone's lock screen.


Final Thoughts

Samsung has always teamed up with big companies like Meta (which owns Instagram), so it's not surprising they're adding a quick way to use Instagram on the new phone. We might see more features like this when the phone comes out.

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