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How do I use the charger?

Simply place your iPhone on the device. Make sure the Komodoty logo is facing your iPhone. The device will snap in to place thanks to the magnets. The charging symbol will then display on your screen, confirming your device is now charging.

What devices are compatible?

All Qi devices are compatible for wireless charging (iPhone 8 onwards). Only iPhone 12 series devices will be able to take advantage of the built in magnets as they are fitted with MagSafe technology.

How fast does it charge?

10W charging can be achieved with our walnut wireless chargers. Many factors can affect the charging input such as temperature, type of adapter and power supply. Our tests achieved 10W using an Apple USB-C power adapter and charging cable on an iPhone 12 Pro at room temperature. Please note older iPhone models (iPhone 11 and earlier) will charge at 7.5W due to Apple technology.

Do I need to remove my case to charge?

No, we have tested all our cases and there is no need to remove your case to charge. Our charger is compatible with cases up to 3mm thick. Please note the strength of the magnets and input power may be reduced when charging with a case fitted.