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Why choose a Saguaro case?

Premium Alcantara Design

Alcantara is an avant-garde material with aesthetic, technical and sensory qualities that no other material can equal. It epitomises the new paradigm of contemporary lifestyle. Its production is a sophisticated process with no rivals.

100% Italian Imported

This beautiful material provides pleasure and comfort. It is light, strong and highly durable. As well as extremely resistant to weather, sea water and salty air. It won't fade, scratch or stain and is easy to clean.


100% carbon neutral, eco-friendly and does not come from animal origins. This highly versatile material respects ethics and the environment.

Complete Protection

Frame is 2mm higher than the camera and aluminium alloy keys cover the buttons. Every side is protected, the case is lined with Alcantara, inside & out.

Sweat, Water & Fingerprint-Proof

The material is built to last and maintain its quality. The hydrophobic properties ensure fingerprints and watermarks wont be an issue. If stains or dirt appear you can easily wash it off by simply using room temperature water. The premium appearance will be maintained.

You Order We Plant A Tree

Every time you buy a product we plant a tree so you can enjoy a beautiful case that does not rob the planet, rather gives back.