Alcantara iPhone Case (Max Protection)


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Colour: Black Alcantara

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Luxury Alcantara Material

Italian imported Alcantara & bumper edge protection.

Premium Alcantara Design

Alcantara is an avant-garde material with aesthetic, technical and sensory qualities that no other material can equal. It epitomises the new paradigm of contemporary lifestyle. Its production is a sophisticated process with no rivals.

100% Italian Imported

This beautiful material provides pleasure and comfort. It is light, strong and highly durable. As well as extremely resistant to weather, sea water and salty air. It won't fade, scratch or stain and is easy to clean.


100% carbon neutral, eco-friendly and does not come form animal origins. This highly versatile material respects ethics and the environment.

Complete Bumper Protection

Entire case is wrapped in a protective tpu bumper. Frame is 2mm higher than the camera and buttons are sealed. Every side is protected.

Sweat, Water & Fingerprint-Proof

The material is built to last and maintain its quality. The hydrophobic properties ensure fingerprints and watermarks wont be an issue. If stains or dirt appear you can easily wash it off by simply using room temperature water. The premium appearance will be maintained.

You Order We Plant A Tree

Every time you buy a product we plant a tree so you can enjoy a beautiful case that does not rob the planet, rather gives back.


Similar to other high quality materials like suede and leather, proper care is required to preserve the beauty of Alcantara. Please note Komodoty is not responsible for general wear and tear, dirt & stains etc. Here are the official Alcantara care instructions.

DAILYIt is sufficient to dust Alcantara using a soft brush, a dry cloth, or a vacuum cleaner. Don't rub too vigorously.

WEEKLYAfter having dusted Alcantara, run a slightly moistened white cotton cloth over it. Avoid the use of printed absorbent cloths/papers as they can release ink onto the material.

YEARLYClean Alcantara by using the "recommended cleaning products" listed at the bottom of this tab. If such products are not available, please follow these instructions: dust the material with care; moisten a soft cloth or a sponge in clean water, wring it thoroughly and run it over the whole Alcantara material, making sure not to wet it excessively; rinse the cloth or sponge and repeat as necessary. Leave to dry (overnight). Once dried, in order to restore the material, brush it delicately with a soft bristle brush.

DO NOT machine wash. DO NOT bleach with chlorine. DO NOT dry clean. DO NOT use steam machines.


GENERAL STAINS - In the case of localised stains and when the "recommended cleaning products" are not available, the Alcantara can be cleaned as follows: 

• Act immediately (within 30 minutes) and begin treating the stain from the outside edge into the centre in order to avoid the stain spreading;
• Never pour a cleaning product directly onto Alcantara;
• Before removing the stain, remove any of the substance that has fallen on the upholstery: if it’s thick (yoghurt, jam, etc.) use a spoon or a plastic spatula; for liquids, use non printed absorbent paper or a sponge;
• Avoid rubbing to prevent the stain from spreading or going deep into the material;
• Use a white cloth or a well wrung sponge for the removal of the stains;
• If you use a sponge, rinse it in clean water and wring it well between each wipe.

For the specific treatment of the different types of stains and the relative materials that should be used, follow the instructions below.

WATER-SOLUBLE STAINS - In the case of water-soluble stains and when the "recommended cleaning products" are not available, the Alcantara can be cleaned, depending on the type of stain, with water, lemon juice, or pure ethyl alcohol (from liquors). See the following instructions below:

Fruit juice, jam, jelly, syrup, ketchup: use lukewarm water, rinse by dabbing with clean water.

Blood, egg, excrement, urine: use cold water; avoid warm water because it makes these substances coagulate, rinse by dabbing with clean water.

Liquors, alcoholic beverages, wine, beer, coke and tea: use lukewarm water; if the colour mark remains, treat it with lemon juice and then rinse it well.

Indelible pencil, cocoa, chocolate, pastry with cream or chocolate, ice-cream, mustard: use lukewarm water; rinse by dabbing with clean water.

Vinegar, hair gel, tomato sauce, coffee with sugar: use lemon juice and then wipe with lukewarm water; rinse by dabbing with clean water.

STAINS NOT SOLUBLE IN WATER - In the case of stains not soluble in water and when the "recommended cleaning products" are not available, the Alcantara can be cleaned, depending on the type of stain, with water, lemon juice, or pure ethyl alcohol (from liquors). See the following instructions below:

Lipstick, foundation, mascara, eye-shadow, perfume, shoe polish, oil and grease in general, grass stains and felt tips in general (including the indelible kind): rub with ethyl alcohol, then with water and rinse.

For grass stains and felt tips, which are quite difficult to remove, especially on light colours, it is necessary to act as soon as possible in order to prevent them from becoming too “dry”.

Chewing-gum and wax: put a plastic bag full of ice on the stain; when the material becomes hard remove the pieces and then treat with ethyl alcohol.

For resistant stains repeat the above described treatments as often as necessary. Even the stains that are not soluble in water often require to be treated afterwards with water.


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