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Article: "Copy & Pastify" Dbrand vs. Casetify in a Legal Tango

"Copy & Pastify" Dbrand vs. Casetify in a Legal Tango

In the world of gadget accessorizing, things just got a little spicy! Dbrand, known for their snazzy gadget skins, has thrown down the legal gauntlet against rival Casetify in a Canadian courtroom. The bone of contention? A set of allegedly pilfered skin designs. Dbrand is gunning for multi-million dollars in damages, claiming Casetify swiped elements from their “Teardown” accessory line. This isn't just any collab; it's a partnership with YouTube’s device durability tester extraordinaire, Zack Nelson (aka JerryRigEverything), dating back to 2019.

Dbrand's beef includes claims of Casetify copying their MacBook skin designs, reshuffling them into Casetify’s own “Inside Out” collection. Nelson himself jumped into the fray with a video exposé, pointing out the suspicious similarities.

Casetify, caught in the crosshairs, is playing it cool. They've issued a statement saying they're digging into these copyright claims and have yanked the controversial designs off their website. Oh, and there’s a twist – amidst this drama, Casetify's website faced a DDoS attack, right when Dbrand made their accusations public. Coincidence? We'll let you be the judge.

Dbrand is also accusing Casetify of mimicking phone case designs from iFixit's repair scans. iFixit dropped a sassy comment on Casetify, though it's still up in the air if they’ll join the legal tussle.

In a juicy side plot, Nelson announced a new X-Ray skin collab with Dbrand amid this legal drama. Talk about timing! Grab your popcorn – the gadget skin saga is just heating up!

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