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Article: OnePlus 12 Announced: Game-Changing Design

OnePlus 12 Announced: Game-Changing Design

OnePlus 12 new devices white green marble black

The OnePlus 12 is set to make a significant mark with its innovative design and unique visual appeal. A notable modification is the relocation of the Alert Slider to the left side to accommodate a new antenna system, enhancing gaming performance. This adjustment is expected to boost signal strength by 3dB and decrease latency by 15%, reflecting the brand's increasing emphasis on game streaming.

Teaser trailer: OnePlus

The phone's nature-inspired green variant with a marbling effect is a standout feature, complemented by traditional black and white options. The black version exhibits a brushed steel finish, while the white maintains a classic appearance.

OnePlus 12 new device green marble effect

Image: OnePlus

Hardware-wise, the OnePlus 12 will be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, continuing the brand's usage of cutting-edge technology. The display is a high-quality 2K screen from BOE, promising clear and vivid visuals. A notable feature is the 'rain touch' technology, designed to prevent issues in wet conditions, first seen in the China-exclusive Ace2Pro model.

OnePlus 12 new device white camera details

Image: OnePlus

The camera system gets a significant upgrade with a Sony 50 MP main sensor and a 64 MP, 3X periscope telephoto lens. The distinctive Hasselblad circular camera array remains, maintaining OnePlus's partnership with the prestigious camera brand.

These upgrades indicate a strategic direction for OnePlus. Known for its efficient, straightforward smartphones, the addition of features like game streaming and rain touch suggests a shift towards a more premium market, challenging brands like Samsung and Google. This strategy aligns with the company's recent introduction into the foldable market with the OnePlus Open, which was well-received for its design and functionality.

OnePlus 12 new device white being used to take a photograph

Image: OnePlus

As OnePlus continues to evolve and broaden its product line, the OnePlus 12 symbolizes a combination of technological progress and a dedication to user experience, potentially establishing new benchmarks in the smartphone sector.

Komodoty Blog OnePlus 12 Slim Wood Phone Case

Komodoty - Komodo Slim Wood Phone Case - OnePlus 11
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Our Komodo Slim Wood phone cases are now available for the OnePlus 12, the latest flagship smartphone from OnePlus. These cases are made from real FSC sustainable wood and reinforced with a center layer of Kevlar for protection. They are slim and lightweight, and they reflect the natural beauty of wood. Each case has a unique woodgrain pattern, making it a one-of-a-kind accessory for your OnePlus 12. You can choose from five different types of wood: walnut, cherry, bamboo, rosewood, and ebony.

These cases are designed to fit perfectly with the OnePlus 12, without compromising its functionality or aesthetics. They have precise cutouts for the camera, the alert slider, the buttons, the ports, and the speakers. They also support wireless charging and NFC. These cases are easy to install and remove, and they provide a comfortable grip and a smooth feel.

Komodo Slim Wood Phone Cases are a stylish, durable, and eco-friendly option for your OnePlus 12. They will enhance the look and feel of your phone, while protecting it from scratches, drops, and impacts. You can find more information and order these cases from our website.

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