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Article: What we know about the Google Pixel 8.

What we know about the Google Pixel 8.

Following the recent iPhone 15 series debut, the tech world's gaze now rests on Google's next significant release: the Pixel 8.

Here's a snapshot of the buzz surrounding the Pixel 8's imminent launch:

Pixel 8 Release Schedule
Google is prepping to mark a significant milestone in the smartphone realm with the Pixel 8 unveiling slated for October 4, 2023. The "Made by Google" event invites have already started circulating, fueling speculation about the lineup we can expect—rumors suggest the Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, Pixel Watch 2, and new Pixel Buds.

What Will the Pixel 8 Cost?
Financially, Pixel 8's pricing seems to be on the rise. While no official figures have been disclosed, industry insider Yogesh Brar points towards a potential starting price of US$649. The Pro model's price, however, remains a mystery for now.

Pixel 8's Design Evolution
From the flurry of leaks and tidbits, Pixel 8's design appears to have undergone a transformation. There's chatter about a more contemporary and streamlined look with tweaked corner designs. Color aficionados can anticipate new hues like Jade, Licorice, Peony, and Haze, with the Pro possibly sporting additional shades like Porcelain and Sky.

Under the Hood: Pixel 8 Specs
The Pixel 8 seems to be taking a leap in terms of internal components. The rumored Tensor G3 chip might elevate its processing prowess, albeit perhaps not outshining all rivals. AI enhancements are also in the works, elevating user experience. A diversified storage and RAM offering is anticipated, and a boosted GPU in the Tensor G3 hints at an optimized gaming journey.

Pixel 8 Display & Add-ons
Insider whispers hint at an upgraded display with enhanced brightness and refresh rates. We might also see a next-gen ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, bolstering device security. Notably, a unique temperature sensor could be the star feature, exclusive to the Pro model according to the current grapevine.

Pixel 8's Camera Leap
The camera department is also set for an overhaul. The Pixel 8 aims to challenge the iPhone 15, with rumblings about improved sensors and better low-light performance.

With the Pixel 8 launch looming, the tech circuit is alive with chatter and forecasts. We're eager to see which of these rumored innovations come to fruition in the much-anticipated October reveal.

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