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Slim Wood Pixel Case

Sale price$39.89 USD Regular price$56.99 USD


Embrace nature's elegance with our Komodo Slim Wooden Pixel cases. Each case is crafted with precision, hand-finished to a smooth finish, and finely varnished, reflecting high quality craftsmanship in every curve.

  • One-of-a-kind woodgrain
  • Reinforced with a center layer of Kevlar for protection
  • Slim & lightweight
  • FSC certified sustainable wood
  • Available in 5 different types of wood
Slim Wood Pixel Case  Komodo
Slim Wood Pixel Case Sale price$39.89 USD Regular price$56.99 USD
Komodoty Slim Wood Phone Cases iPhone Samsung OnePlus Pixel Walnut Rosewood Mahogany Bamboo Charcoal Flatlay


Experience the beauty of nature with our Komodo Slim Wood Pixel case, crafted from real FSC sustainable wood and sanded meticulously to a smooth, tactile finish that enhances the natural wood grain. These designs exhibit the natural patterns of real wood, making each wooden phone case a unique, visually appealing accessory for your smartphone.

Komodoty Google Pixel 7 Pro Wood Case Walnut Bottom Cutouts
Komodoty Google Pixel 7 Pro Wood Case Charcoal Camera Protection Raised Lip Top View


Each Slim Wood Pixel case showcases a unique pattern and grain. The natural variations in the wood ensure that no two cases are the same. This unique character sets each wooden phone case apart, offering you a one-of-a-kind piece.

Komodoty Google Pixel 7 Pro Wood Case Rosewood Camera Protection


Utilizing advanced hot pressing technology, we meld a Kevlar core layer and 2 thin slices of real wood on the outer layers. This method enhances the phone case's strength and durability while retaining a slim profile without adding extra bulk. The added benefit of a raised lip around the camera lens ensures protection against scratches and minor impacts, making it an ideal choice for daily use.

Komodoty Google Pixel 7 Pro Wood Case Walnut Inside Smooth


This Slim Wood Pixel case has a profile of 0.8mm, exhibiting the charm of wood. It's lightweight and a practical way to shield your Pixel device from the usual wear and tear.

Elevate your wooden phone case usage with Komodoty's Wood Essential Oil, designed to clean, polish, and enrich your case with a calming, sweet & woody aroma.

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One of a Kind

Naturally unique wood grains. No two cases the same

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